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Our Fight
Climate Clowns
Hot Planet Mess
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Dark future and dark fight GIF
Stop funding fossil fuels GIF
Deliver on their elected promises Varshini Prakash GIF
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They fucked it we'll fix it GIF
We are the Climate Majority
Our Fight
"I do not think it's that complicated. We have to stop the production of coal, oil, and gas" - Tamara Toles O'Laughlin quote
The water crisis didn't happen to Jackson, it was done to Jackson
We Demand an End to Environmental Racism
Our Fight for Our Future
Earth holding #OurFight sign
Dark skies affect brown lives
We are the climate majority
Savage for Climate Action
Climate Supremacy
Kristy Drutman "We need to bring the climate conversation to our dinner tables, social media, and in our schools" quote
"Our racial inequality crisis is intertwining with our climate crisis. If we don't work on both, we will succeed at neither." Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson quote
Fuck your environmental racism
"The North Star is our new economy that is driven by justice" Dr. Mustafa Santiago Ali quote
Climate Change Biden
Climate Change Earth
Fight Climate Change kick live action
Climate Change Earth
Fight Climate Change live action punch
Climate Change Earth
Family Be Bold
Climate Change Earth
Climate Change Earth
Cancel Climate Change
Climate Change Earth
Climate Change World
Climate Change Weather
Climate Change Hurricane
Melting Climate Change
Blazing Weather Report
Climate Change Hurricane
PP We Won't Back Down
Fight for our future
Black Lives Matter Environment
Climate Change Fire
Our future is worth fighting for
Climate Change Earth
Climate Change Fish
Climate Change Earth
President Biden Wind
"Stop price gouging at the pump"
"I have no idea if my house is standing" - New Mexico's megafire forced Miguel Martinez to flee his home.
More than 9 million jobs + an average of $1 million per year will be created over the next decade, because of climate, energy + environmental investments in the Inflation Reduction Act.
Black and Brown people are more likely to live in hurricane and flood zones, but received 20% less aid than white people after Hurricane Harvey.
7 out of 10 people in the US support transitioning the US economy from fossil fuels to 100% clean energy by 2050.
68% of Americans support funding to clean up air and water pollution in disproportionately harmed BIPOC and low-income communities.
Extreme urban heat in 97% or major US cities expose BIPOC to higher heat island intensity than white people.
#RealClimateFighter: Jerome Foster II, Youngest-ever White House Adviser -- "If we truly want a world that is equitable and just for all -- demand real climate action now."
#RealClimateFighter: Masavi Perea, Organizing director, Chispa Arizona -- "I will vote for my future, for my kid's future, and to have real climate justice."
#RealClimateFighter: Mary Annaise Heglar, Climate justice writer and podcast host -- "Climate denial was never about science and was always about white supremacy."
#RealClimateFighter: Mayor Michelle Wu, mayor of Boston -- "We can meet the urgency this moment demands with innovative solutions that protect our planet and future generations."
#RealClimateFighter: Michael Mendez, Author and assistant professor -- "It's not an abstract idea for us. For Latinos, climate change is about how to protect our families, our children."
#RealClimateFighter Vic barrett still
We Love the Climate Bill - $14k Cash Back for energy-efficient windows, doors, and more still
#RealClimateFighter Sawsan Abdurrahman still
We Love the Climate Bill - $7500 for your new electric car still
Summer 2022 Broke Climate Records still
We Love the Climate Bill - $2000 for home heating still
We Love the Climate Bill - $60 billion to reduce pollution in low-income and BIPOC communities still
#RealClimateFighter Quannah Chasinghorse still
We Love the Climate Bill - 30% off home solar still
#RealClimateDighter Dr. Treva Gear still
Megadrought Madness: 40 million people across the West could face water scarcity in a few years still
Things that have no chill because of climate change Gen Z and peaches
The hot girl summer we ordered vs what we got
#RealClimateFighter Joycelyn Longdon still
My Story - "Every time it floods .. the raw sewage comes up in the garage" Yvette Lyles infrastructure gif
Jackson, MS, St. Louis, MO, and Death Valley, CA, are caught in the floods. In summer 2022 there were three thousand-year flood events in 11 days. This is the fight of our generation.
The people of Puerto Rico have no potable water Family Guy
Black and brown folks are in the climate majority
Hurricanes are ruining BIPOC lives szn
Trying to reduce my carbon footprint motion meme
Black and brown folks are in the climate majority
"Search your heart and ask your God what you are doing to the black and poor people in Louisiana" Raya Salter quote


Climate Clowns: From the oil company that brought us rising global temps comes a new app designed to help their workers avoid "heat stress". No joke!
Climate Clowns: Herschel Walker, Republican candidate for Senate in Georgia, is blaming China for "bad air" instead of blaming the polluters in his home state! Will Georgia voters get the last laugh?
Climate Clowns: A PR front group for the gas industry, Natural Allies for a Clean Energy Future, is spending millions to convince young, liberal, and BIPOC people that gas is "clean' energy. It's not. Call out these clowns.
Lobbying Make It Rain
Lobbying Make It Rain
Lobbying Make It Rain
Lobbying Make It Rain
Lobbying Make It Rain
Lobbying Make It Rain
Call them Out: Cancelled Due to Air Quality still
Cancelled due to weather: Riley Moore, West Virginia treasurer, barred major banks from contracts with West Virginia because they are reducing investments in dirty coal!
Cancelled due to weather: Riley Moore, West Virginia treasurer, barred major banks from contracts with West Virginia because they are reducing investments in dirty coal.
Climate clowns are turning black and brown communities into a toxic circus
Oil execs are clowning us!
When you vote for a climate clown, expect a circus! Stop Walker
When you vote for a climate clown, expect a circus! Stop Oz
When you vote for a climate clown, expect a circus! Stop Mastriano
When you vote for a climate clown, expect a circus! Stop Masters
When you vote for a climate clown, expect a circus! Stop Laxalt
Fuck the Climate Clowns, Tear Down the Circus
Cancel Climate Clowns
When big banks take the wheel they fuel the climate crisis and drive us to extinction.
Climate Clowns: Doug Ducey, governor of Arizona, just banned utility competition from clean energy like solar. This goof must have forgotten: Arizona is the sunniest state!
These Climate Clowns are Killing Us
Climate Clowns: Florida Power & Light CEO Eric Silagy still
Doctor Oz Climate Clown
Blake Masters Climate Clown
Doug Mastriano Climate Clown
Herschel Walker Climate Clown
Jamie Dimon Climate Clown
Climate Clown Take Down
Take down climate clowns
Climate acts not circus acts GIF
F these clowns GIF
Cancel climate clowns GIF
Cancel climate GIF
Clown pipeline GIF
These clowns are killing us GIF
Global Warming World
#1 Climate Profiteers on Blast: Shein represents 28% of the fast fashion market inthe US alone. According to the CEO, the company releases between 700-1000 new items a day.
#1 Climate Profiteers on Blast: FashionNova produces more than 1,000 new styles every week. [NY Times]
#1 Climate Profiteers on Blast: H&M produces ~3 billion garments a year [NY Times]
#1 Climate Profiteers on Blast: Zara puts out 12,00- new designs and manufactures more than 450 million clothing items every day.
#1 Climate Profiteers on Blast: Shein, Zara, FashionNova, and H&M. The fashion industry is responsible for nearly 10% of global emissions.

Hot Planet Mess

Corporations and global carbon emissions meme
Corporate emissions vs me using reusable bags meme
Me using a reusable shopping bag vs corporate carbon emissions meme
Our vs corporations' carbon footprint meme
Corporations accounting for the vast majority of global emissions meme
POC breathe more hazardous air MAGA Republicans response meme
People of color breathe more hazardous air politicians response meme
Happy Climate Change
GOP Monopoly meme
Gas price board showing the 2021 oil profits of Exxon, Shell, Chevron, and BP.
Mitch Mcconnell abandoning flooded out Kentucky families meme
Mitch Mcconnell - Am I making my constituents' lives worse? meme
How Democrats and Republicans respond to natural disasters meme
Keystone XL Pipeline meme
Exxon knew about climate change almost 40 years ago.
Biden Gas Prices Meme
Me biking to work and the oil companies meme
Oil prices in 2014 vs 2022 meme
I'll take corporate greed for $5/gallon, Alex! meme
Jurrasic Park oil executives inflation meme
Shell net-zero emissions meme
Oil companies would rather make some extra money than transition to renewables meme
Jurassic Park interest rates meme
Corporations posting record profits under inflation meme
Gas prices going down thanks Biden meme
Wanjiku Gatheru tackling climate change meme
Jennifer Aniston fossil fuel industry motion meme
Tyler the Creator standing up for the climate meme
Impossible singing meme
Racial justice or climate justice the office meme
Access Hollywood not one republican stood up meme
Look at the present listen to the future meme
Spongebob maga climate change meme
Pigeon climate change motion meme
Titanic climate change meme
Spongebob concerned climate change meme
Spiderman climate danger meme
Corporate crooks with their heads in the sad
Oil companies after pumping out 2.9M metric tons of CO2
Look at the present listen to the future meme
My climate activism: BIPOC communities having clean water and saving the polar bears
Kronk climate crisis meme
Being asked to cut down on AC during a heatwave when corporations contribute 71% of carbon emissions
GOP on their way to kill a climate bill motion meme
Climate change abuela's town underwater motion meme
The future of the planet fire meme
Babe whats wrong climate disaster meme
GOP in denial about climate change motion meme
GOP and big oil wedding meme
Climate crisis side mirror meme
How we've been thinking about climate change meme
Spongebob coral reef motion meme
Big oil in denial motion meme
Denier: global warming is a hoax because it's cold today where I live motion meme
Climate deniers "it's supposed to be hot, it's summer" motion meme
Working outside then and now motion meme
Students learning at summer school then and now meme
Commuting to work in Texas then and now motion meme
My dad outside in Reno then and now motion meme
How it started vs how it's going in Jackson, MI meme
MAGA when Black residents in Jackson, MI need water infrastructure updates vs when there's a plan to increase the tax burden of the state's lowest income earners meme
It was never about fountains Jackson, Mississippi meme
Smoke outside the casino motion meme
Balloon races in the past vs this year meme
AB Memes - Power companies, corrupt lawmakers, and fossil fuel profiteers spending millions to kill clean energy still
TFW you find out that 99% of sea turtles born in South FL are female because of higher san temps
Me calculating how much more tax $ our communities would have if didn't have to foot the bill for climate disaster recovery
My asthmatic ass breathing in all the smoke from global warming motion meme
My asthmatic ass breathing in all the smoke from the dozens of fires across the country rn motion meme
Climate change starting forest fires and smoke everywhere motion meme